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1 Rudder ready for sanding2
2 Rudder sanded1

Rudder ready for sanding

Rudder sanded

3 Ready to cover1
4 Mounted in place1

Ready to cover

Mounted in place

5 Covered with Sig Koverall fabric1
6 Note tail light & rib stitching1

Covered with Sig Koverall

Note tail light & rib stitching

7 Finished rudder & elevator1

Finished Rudder & elevator

Rudder Dorsal Fin

1 Rudder without dorsal fin1
2 Dorsal fin glued in place1

Rudder without dorsal fin

Dorsal fin glued in place

4 Painted with primer1
3 Filled & sanded1

Filled & sanded

Painted with primer

5 Another view4

Another view


1 Elevator balsa blocks1 2 Balsa blocks1

Elevator balsa blocks

Balsa blocks

3 Robart hinge pockets1
4 Covered with fiberglass cloth1

Robart hinge pockets

Covered with fiberglass cloth

5 Covered with FlightMetal1
6 Finished elevators1

Covered with Flight-Metal

 Finished elevators

Tail Gear

1 Painted & ready to install1

Painted & ready to install

3 Ready for paint1

Ready for paint

5 Bottom view1
2 Intalling cables to pull doors closed1

Installing cables to pull door closed

4 Finished installation1

Finished installation

6 Rudder cables & elevator control rod rear anti sway  bar1

Bottom view

Rudder cables, elevator control rod & rear anti sway bar

7 Front & rear aiti sway bars2

Front & rear anti sway bars for elevator control rod

Adding Flight-Metal is next Section

8 Rudder & elevator servo installation1

Rudder & elevator servo installation

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